Become a Better Feedback Giver in Biz Labs Toastmasters Club

Become a Better Feedback Giver in Biz Labs Toastmasters Club

18 Jul 19:00 - 21:00 - Plovdiv
Biz Labs


Do you believe that Positive Mentoring is the main tool for shift behavior? If you want to see how this happens in practice join our meeting.

This is an English speaking event.

Entry is 100% free (0 BGN), so there's no reason NOT to try. :)

Here is what to expect from a Toastmasters meeting:
You will hear two or three prepared speeches by our members, then our evaluators will make their best to point out the best parts of these speeches and what could be improved. You, as a guest, will have the opportunity to learn how a feedback should be given.

So What do you still waiting for?.... click the GOING button and free up your Wednesday.

We'll be waiting for you!

Как да стигнем до мястото пеша в 4 стъпки:
1. От заведението Петното: излизате на бул. Шести септември и поглеждате наляво (или от сградата на съда: пресичате булеварда и поглеждате надясно)
2. Като повървите 10 метра ще видите банка, подминавате я;
3. Веднага след банката прозрачната врата на Легис Център Ви очаква :) а на етаж 3 офис 3,6 В се провеждат срещите на Biz Labs Toastmasters Club

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