Vlad in Tears and Velian live@Mixtape*5, B-Side, Sofia

Vlad in Tears and Velian live@Mixtape*5, B-Side, Sofia

16 Jun 21:00 - 17 Jun 02:00 - Sofia
"Mixtape 5"

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VLAD IN TEARS is coming for the first time to Bulgaria. The dark metal band from Berlin will offer a show full of darkness and many other surprises for the fans. To be a complete show, the well known Bulgarian dark metal band VELIAN will perform another great concert.

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More words about VLAD IN TEARS :

Vlad In Tears was founded by the three brothers Kris (vocals & piano), Lex (guitar) and Dario (bass) and their friend since preschool, Alex (drums) in 2007. The band, originally based in Italy, started jamming cover tunes but soon created their own dark sound. This development was well received by their rapidly growing fan base.

Shortly after signing their first deal with Aural Music, they released their debut album "Seed Of An Ancient Pain", with which the band received great feedback and support from the press. Their main breakthrough happened in 2010 with the record "Underskin" which was produced by John Fryer (Depeche Mode, NIN).

With the year 2012 a first phase of reorientation started for Vlad In Tears. Lex and Alex had to leave the band with a heavy heart. The band used this change to reinvent and bethought themselves to the very essence of Vlad in Tears and its roots.
Additional reasons for a new beginning were both Kris’ and Dario’s relocation to Berlin in 2013 and Cosmo Cadar from Romania joining the band as the new drummer. The second half of the year was full of touring. Vlad In Tears supported bands like Unzucht, Hämatom and Stahlmann and also played an acoustic tour before Gregor Friday, an Australian prodigy on the guitar, joined the band in early 2014.

With that new line-up, a very successful and exciting year 2014 welcomed Vlad In Tears. Earlier this year the band signed a record deal with ZYX Germany/Goldencore Records and on 22nd of August the long-awaited fourth studio album saw the light of day: Vlad In Tears. The release was followed by some release concerts before the guys supported Mono Inc. on their The Clock Ticks On Tour in October. After that it was time for Vlad In Tears to conquer the UK where they played Glasgow and Liverpool, among other places.
In 2015 Vlad In Tears had several festival appearances at Castle Rock and Dark Munich Festival, among others. In September they were special guest on Lord Of The Lost's Make Love Make War-Tour.

During the end of 2015 Vlad In Tears started working on their new album und finally released UNBROKEN in August 2016 – one day before they played M’era Luna Festival in Hildesheim.
In September and October 2016 the band went on tour with a few headliner shows all over Germany to present their new milestone UNBROKEN. In late 2016 they went on tour with The 69 Eyes, playing in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. After playing another acoustic tour in Germany, Gregor Friday decided to leave the band. Now Giovanni De Benedetto, another Berlin based Italian, is the man on the guitars doing an awesome job and fitting in perfectly.

In 2017 Vlad In Tear already played festivals like Rock Harz, Castle Rock and Hexentanz Festival. Furthermore they hit the stage again with The 69 Eyes for some shows in Italy. More festivals will come later this year, for example Maximum Rock Fest in Romania and October and Autumn Moon Festival in Germany.

After the festival season Vlad In Tears will play some more support gigs before they will release their sixth longplayer SOULS ON SALE. The release will be followed by a headliner tour in early 2018 including places like Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, UK and Finland.


More words about VELIAN :

The band VELIAN is the brainchild of five very well-known musicians on the Bulgarian metal scene that have been part of acts such as Wartime, Fanagoria, PhyX and Progression. Some publications in the Bulgarian press called it a “true underground super-group”.
Since its formation the band has played numerous festivals (Sofia Metal Fest, Bulgaria, 2016; Metalhead Meeting and Maximum Rock, Bucharest, Romania, 2016) and shows in Romania and Bulgaria opening for Kreator, Eluveitie, Moonspell, Kamelot, Myrath, Dragon Force, Rotting Christ, Paradise Lost, Powerwolf, Tiamat, Warrel Dane among others. The band is known for its great live shows, the visual effects, costumes and multimedia used on stage.
The band’s concept and its message are related to the destructive materialism, the lack of values and the sustainability issues which characterize our society and way of life. The steampunk stage costumes, the band’s videos and the multimedia present on their concerts further contribute to the band’s image.
At the end of 2016 Velian released a very ambitious audiovisual project in two parts called “Fairy Tale of Love and Loss” which features Bulgarian metal scene celebrities such as Vasko Katincharov (Suffer-H, Fracture TV Show) and Dimitar Kovachev-Funky (Era).


Event by "Rusidava Management & Psychosounds Music" Bucharest with courtesy of "Mixtape5" Sofia.
*Клубът не работи с резервации
**Политика за достъп на непълнолетни: on.fb.me/YDzVEe

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Mars Red Sky /FR/ live in Sofia

07 Jun 20:00 - 23:50 07 Jun 20:00 - 23:50 - Sofia Sofia
"Mixtape 5" "Mixtape 5"
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Thy Art Is Murder /AUS/ live in Sofia

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"Mixtape 5" "Mixtape 5"
Сеч в София с концерт на Thy Art Is Murder! Aвстралийската деткор дет метъл формация идва в България за първи път! Запазете датата и мястото за този жесток лайв 3 юли в Mixtape 5...   More info

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"Mixtape 5" "Mixtape 5"
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"Mixtape 5" "Mixtape 5"
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"Mixtape 5" "Mixtape 5"
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Trepanation Infestation

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"Mixtape 5" "Mixtape 5"
Официално ви обявяваме, че ще имаме голямо есенно избухване! Можете да отприщите въображението си като подобава за наше събитие! Нови артисти за първи път в България, различни с   More info

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