Dynamic Mutations V4.0 Workshop

Dynamic Mutations V4.0 Workshop

15 Jul 10:00 - 22 Jul 20:00 - Sofia
Съюз на архитектите в България


DYNAMIC MUTATIONS V4.0 is an international workshop of Advanced Design. The workshop will run using AutoDesk MAYA, Pixologic ZBRUSH, McNeel GRASSHOPPER 3D. Sofia in known for its Brutalist type buildings. The main characteristics of Brutalism are Raw, Unfinished, Heavy, Repetitive, Modular, and with a common practice of exposing the buildings functions and expressing its structure. In a sense, these buildings were purely functional without unnecessary aesthetics. These characteristics can also be used to explain machinery and engines where most parts have a geometry solely dependent on their function and the relation to the parts they interact with. These machine parts are then tightly packed together, intertwined, and repeated to create a system. Dynamic Mutations V4.0 will explore these characteristics. Participants will find interesting mechanical details to be modeled. These details will then be mutated, replicated, and combined at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia and its site to create a new architectural machines which represents Sofia as a manifestation of the engine like qualities of Brutalist architecture.

The Dynamic Mutations V4.0 workshop will explore a range of modeling techniques in a streamline process across three major software platforms, Maya, Zbrush, and Grasshopper. The general workflow will involve modeling actual mechanical objects, mutating these objects, replicating the objects within a site, and unifying the replications into a correlated unique architectural machine. Through the three programs participants will learn essential manual and parametric modeling techniques such as polygon modeling, blending, deformation, replication, morphing, mapping, texturing, patterning, coloring etc. which will build up highly complex models very rapidly. Keyshot and After Effects will be used to produce visualizations of the final designs for presentation purposes. There will also be 3d printers on site for participants to print studies throughout the workshop.

• Introduction in Maya, Zbrush, and Grasshopper
• Advanced modeling skills across all listed software’s
• Mesh sub division polygon modeling
• Mesh sculpting, manipulation, and deformation
• Mesh surface texturing and patterning
• Creating complex parametric duplication and array systems
• Simple video creation with After Effects
• Visualization and rendering techniques with Keyshot
• 3D Printing

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